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My Glass Trefoil and other decorated trefoils

A rotating knot using LiveGraphics3D

And then there are real knots (everything else on this page is perhaps not.)

Some do knot and some do not.

Click on small knot to get big knot.

47.1 Kb

41.7 Kb

30.2 Kb

31.1 Kb

66.6 Kb

48.3 Kb

68.3 Kb

21.7 Kb

54.0 Kb

41.9 Kb

52.9 Kb

18.6 Kb

43.7 Kb

84.9 Kb

78.5 Kb

65.6 Kb

38.5 Kb

54.3 Kb

51.8 Kb

129 Kb

82.2 Kb

89.2 Kb

37.6 Kb

70.2 Kb

2.4 Kb

212 Kb

231 Kb

120 Kb

Click on an image for an animated version (GIF).

159 Kb

266 Kb

433 Kb

2.23 Mb


The still images and the frames of the animations were created with custom software, written in C. Until recently, the output of the program was either (1) a screen image which was subsequently captured and converted to a standard format, (2) a Mathematica file or (3) a PostScript file (of sorts) which is then converted to a graphics image. Most are from PostScript files which generate beautifully detailed, but huge files, which are subsequently shrunk to manageable sizes in the form of JPEG and GIF formats. (If anyone is interested in seeing one of the whoppers, let me know.) In 1999 I imported my C code into ImageMagick. This was convenient for me, because I could still use my own polygon fill routines, etc., but also create files of arbitrary size and in 8-bit color (IM now handles 64-bit color!). It also gave me the ability to use other images as "textures" (see my smiling face in some of the images). I wrote those routines myself, but I think I did it the hard way. But it was great fun and very rewarding.

All frames of the animation were combined using Animation Shop from Jasc Software, on which the animation is nice and smooth. I am disappointed in the abilities of my browsers to produce fast, smooth animation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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