Math 223, Spring 2014

Calc III

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Various and sundry items that might amuse or inform you will appear below at random intervals

  • To get started with Mathematica, you might start here: "Get Started with Mathematica 9". Give it a whirl and tell me what you think. You can post your reactions in our "Course Lounge" Moodle forum.

    Assorted Visualizations

    Here are some web pages and toys pertaining to some of the course material. (Many of these use Java.)

    The Past


    You might want to check the Web for Calculus stuff. You could start at the site below, but you'll probably need to dig around awhile before finding something you like. (Hey --- no heavy surfing until you've done your homework.) If you find something you like, send me the link and a brief description, so I can add it here.

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